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Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
2952Tank Squad vs Knights Templar - Nov 2017*TS VS KNT - War Active/ Games NoneTS 0 VS KNT 0 Details
2951Atlantis vs Les Hussards du Dragon - Nov 2017ATL VS LHDD2017-11-19 - 2017-11-20War Active/ Games ActiveATL 1 VS LHDD 1 Details
2950[MWC4r] Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs Aeternus - Oct 2017FOED VS ATN2017-11-14 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 2 VS ATN 1 Details
2949Fiasco vs Band of Brothers - Oct 2017FSC VS BOB2017-11-19 - 2017-11-20War Active/ Games ActiveFSC 1 VS BOB 1 Details
2936Retribution vs Fiasco - Oct 2017RET VS FSC2017-11-09 - 2017-11-20War Active/ Games ActiveRET 5 VS FSC 5 Details
2935Tank Squad vs One Step Ahead - Oct 2017*TS VS OSA 2017-10-17 - 2017-11-20War Active/ Games ActiveTS 20 VS OSA 25 Details
2754The PACK vs Retribution - Oct 2017PACK VS RET2017-10-17 - 2017-11-20War Active/ Games ActivePACK 18 VS RET 11 Details
2753Tank Squad vs Fire and Dice - Sept 2017*TS VS FAD2017-10-13 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveTS 11 VS FAD 15 Details
2752de Veroveraars Der Page Landen vs One Step Ahead - Sept 2017VDLL VS OSA 2017-10-15 - 2017-11-20War Active/ Games ActiveVDLL 6 VS OSA 13 Details
2751Atlantis vs Band of Brothers - Sept 2017ATL VS BOB2017-10-09 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveATL 33 VS BOB 15 Details
2749[MWC4r] Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs Spelunkers of Hell - Sept 2017FOED VS SOH2017-10-01 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 12 VS SOH 8 Details
2746[CC7] Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers vs the Fallen - Sept 2017FOED VS FALL2017-09-17 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 24 VS FALL 29 Details
2745Les Hussards du Dragon vs Phoenix - Sept 2017LHDD VS PHNX2017-09-28 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveLHDD 35 VS PHNX 25 Details
2742Retribution vs Legends of War - Sept 2017RET VS LOW2017-09-13 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveRET 24 VS LOW 35 Details
2738[MC3] the Fallen vs One Step Ahead - August 2017FALL VS OSA 2017-09-11 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 16 VS OSA 23 Details
2735[CC7] S&M vs TOFU - July 2017S&M VS TOFU2017-08-11 - 2017-11-19War Active/ Games ActiveS&M 27 VS TOFU 27 Details